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Policies And Pricing

Production Services, Product Development, Project Management, And Brand Consulting

 Production Services

 Production services are where the customer provides fabric, labels, trims, packaging materials, etc.

We offer different types of full package options and are focused on quality.

A 70% deposit is required before production begins.

Payment for the production balance is due upon completion and before the product is shipped.

All shipping is the responsibility of the client.

Contact us with your details and to find out more about our policies and pricing.

 Development Services

 Development is where the products or company is in the start-up phase - no fabric, pattern, trim, etc.

For this type of service, work is done by a monthly retainer and paid at the beginning of each month.

Work starts after an agreement is signed and the retainer is received.

The client pays all invoices from vendors and contractors.

The retainer amount is based on the depth and time associated with the completion of the project.  

Production services are included in development and retainer if included in the agreement.

The cost per item will be lower than standard production services charges. 

Individual item prices are based on styles and quantities.

Contact us with your details and to find out more about our policies and pricing.

Minimums, Details, And Costs

Production minimums are 100 pieces per style per color, excluding garment-dyed styles.

Lower minimums increase the cost of production for both material and labor.

Production cost-per-piece will be calculated after samples are completed and approved.

Fabric sourcing and trim development of labels, hangtags, customized buttons, and rivets while part of development is a separate cost and is the customer's responsibility.

 Embroidery and silk-screening service are also available.

*It can take a few fittings before perfecting a fit; please be budgeted for this possibility.

 Services And Costs

Costs are dependent on styles and may be lower or higher.

Denim Cost
First Pattern (Denim)$250.00 - $450.00
Pattern Correction (Denim) $75.00 - $150.00
Samples (Denim) $150.00 - $300.00
Fitting With Pattern Maker $75.00 Per Hour
Knits (Cut And Sew)
First Pattern (Knits)$125.00 - $300.00
Pattern Correction (Knits)$45.00 - $125.00
Fitting With Pattern Maker $75.00 Per Hour
Samples (Knits)$60.00 - $200.00
Wash Shrink Blanket (Denim) $30.00 - $65.00
Sample Wash (Denim) $45.00 - $150.00
Lab Dips (Per Color)$60.00
Sample Dye (Per Color)$40.00
Pattern Digitizing (Per Size/Inseam) $75.00 (Estimated)
Grading (Per Size/Inseam)$60.00 (Estimated)

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We'd love to hear from you! Please message us with as many details about your project as possible. Thank You!

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